I’ve always tried to find God in lots of different things, whether that’s been drugs, women, etc, etc… But all those things are tangible and they exist and you can see them and you can feel them. Music doesn’t exist, physically. Yet is commands ever facet of my personality and it has the power to command people how to feel on a physical level, uncontrollably. And I find that so fascinating.
Matty Healy of The 1975 on his meaning of music (x)


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INTERVIEWER: Your next EP is titled IV; is it supposed to represent the number “4” or “intravenous?”

HEALY: It is. It’s “IV,” but we wanted to have the two words represent “intravenous.” It seemed like an apt title. I don’t know. I think I have an obsession with love, drugs, and the balance between the two: the consequential dynamic of trying to have a relationship because of it. It definitely alludes to that